King Hendrick$ emerges back and establishes his presence in the Houston scene with his VVS Vocals


Written by Greg Harris

If you’ve been following the Houston music scene, the name King Hendrick$ comes with prestige and one hell of a foundation. While the emerging North Houston artist was away for some time, King resurfaces with a solid body of work and a string of singles that’s only going to position in his rightfully deserved throne. The new installment is called “VVS Vocals”, and it’s clearly reflective on his new flawless flows that embody the mindset that goes behind this project.

The foundation from this project led into the release of his new visual, “Meat Market”, which sparked the regional internet on fire in Texas, and got good looks from the likes of Say Cheese TV CEO, Shawn Cotton and Houston’s own 97.9 The Box. Going at this rate, King Hendrick$ is poised to be one of the most dominant acts in Houston in 2019.

Check out the new project and visual below.