99 The Rebel emerges as being one of Dallas' acts to watch out for with his singles, "Capstar" and "No Diss"

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Written by Greg Harris

Looking at the Texas scope of the growing music scene, it’s a lot of artists and material to offer in the space. Seeing that the state is moving in multiple directions., it shows what kind of versatility that’s offered in Lone Star state and it’s new acts that are coming to the forefront that are making their own lane.

One of them would be 99 The Rebel, a flexible colored hair artist that will only intrigue listeners when you get deeper in his catalog. He’s a constant collaborator with other Dallas emerging artist, DENNIS, but he’s been able to carve out his own sound which is very off-kilter but in the midst of various songs, it’s some hits that come out of that. Among them, you find the likes of “CapStar” and “No Diss”. These two singles give you different sides that 99 can turn to when it comes to his artistry, and it’s well advised that you get hip to this right away.

Listen to the new singles below.