Port Arthur producing dynamo, Paris Aden drops some new beats on her new projects, "Test Tube Sounds Vol. 1"

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Written by Greg Harris

Port Arthur, Texas may not be one of the most intriguing places for people to come to when they come to Texas, but it’s certainly a hub for hidden talent amongst it’s legendary foundation of music that has sparked from there. Long after the days of UGK, Port Arthur is underway of putting out some of the freshest talent that has emerged from the area in quite some time, and one of the head honchos from the area is the versatile creative, Paris Aden.

Emerging on the scene with being a producer and rapper, Paris Aden has implemented herself into being one of the most vital pieces in the forthcoming youth-engraved scene that’s coming out of different areas of the Lone Star state. After receiving praise from her records produced on BBYMUTHA’s album, she continues to apply pressure with her two new beat tapes, “Test Tube Sounds”. The two new bodies of work display a large array of beats that artists can choose from.

Check it out and look what new sounds may fit for you.