Baton Rouge's off-the-wall lyrical messiah, 70th Street Carlos delivers an impressive Louisiana based effort with "777"

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Written by Kolin Miller

If you follow us closely then you have definitely seen the name 70th Street Carlos before. You may even be familiar with some of his visuals which we have frequently posted our Instagram account. Whether or not you know of him by now, I would like to cordially invite you to check out his debut mixtape, 777.

It’s whippable, it’s boppable, it dings in the whip, it whoops in the scoop, and it proves this young rapper’s artistic capability. For an Louisiana based trap tape, “777 “ is surprisingly cohesive. Comprised of a solid nine tracks, this debut project does not have any real dull moments.

If anything, at the end of the last track there was a part of me that wished for a little more, even though I know that the decision to keep it no longer than nine tracks was smart in effort to avoid any amount of negatives in this young rapper’s debut.

Check out the new release below.