West Coast buzzing rapper Keith Canva$ links with $teven Cannon for their Hollywood hit, "90210"

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Written by Greg Harris 

Although the West Coast seems like an open playing field for emerging artists due to the extensive diversity that's delivered from that side of the country. Throughout the vast amount of artists who are heading West to better their sound and image, some of the homegrown crop are buzzing in their homeland as well. Portland buzzing rapper Keith Canva$ has been keeping things consistent with his string of singles and recently having a feature on Golden State Warriors player Javale Mcgee's album "Pierre", and he continues to apply the pressure one of the Xanarchy captains, $teven Cannon. The pair go back and forth about living their best life in the hills of Los Angeles smoking big dope, chilling with your girlfriend, and more rapper activities in LA. 

Stream it here.