Houston artist DONTASKGEN makes his national debut with his breakout visual for his single, "Scene"

Dontaskgen Scene.gif

Written by Greg Harris

The Houston structure of music has grown outside of its stereotypical sound that H-Town has been known for. Skipping past the infatuation of Drank and rapping extremely slow with a Southern drawl, it's more artists in the Houston area who are experimenting with their craft and sound as time progresses. If one has been paying attention to the growing crop of talent that's been making waves in the city, it's predominantly hip-hop acts that are gaining traction but the likes of R&B has also gained an edge in the scene as well and DONTASKGEN is leading the way with his unique perspective and image that's bringing more fans to his material nationwide.

Hailing from North Houston, DONTASKGEN has been an act in the Bayou City that has been heating up with solid projects but recently he's been rolling out strong material that's indicating big moves are going to be made for him in the future. Dropping singles in preparation for his well-anticipated project, "DontAskForLove". One of the stand out songs that have been gaining attention is "Scene", an infectious track that delivers a scene-girl undertone but also brings forth a radio-friendliness that can allow it to spread over time. This No Jumper premiere not only comes in perfect timing but it shows the nation one of H-Town's hidden gems whose been burning on the local spectrum but now it's for "Houston's R&B BadBoy" to officially claim his throne on the national stage.

Check out the visual below.