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Florida’s own Filthy brand has delivered fresh threads for the Spring/Summer of 2019

The Sunshine State has a lot of things to offer and one of the most resonating things that has been shaping their culture is the indie driven style and fashion scene that’s been emerging. One of the strongholds in the area is Filthy, a streetwear brand that delivers witty ideas via graphic design and aesthetic.

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(Sound) + (Vision) pays tribute to Iggy Pop + Martin Margiela with new tee drop

Looking into infrastructure of indie fashion, it’s only a few designers who take time to research and pay homage to the greats that came before. One of the most notable in that bunch is Aaron Rice from (Sound) + (Vision). The Florida native continues to keep a keen eye to releasing pieces that pay homage to some of the greatest creatives in various areas.

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Miami based skateshop, Andrew releases SS 18’ Part 1

When it comes to the area of fashion for Modern Life, it's not necessarily a specialty of ours but when we notice cool brands, it's only right it comes with a feature on the site. One of the most innovative brands in the Miami circuit, Andrew Skateshop has been making waves in South Florida for quite some time.

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