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Talkin' Fresh: Chicago's influential designer, Ron Louis of Phera Co.

That being said, we wanted to bring folks into the life and hustle of one of Chicago’s brightest designers that’s making a change beyond the borders of The Windy City. This would be none other Chicago’s own Ron Louis, the owner of Phera Co. , which is a growing fashion brand that’s been draped on the likes of Valee, Dreezy, King Louie, and many other Chicago acts that’s emerging throughout this year.

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Chicago brand, Phera aims to takeover for the summer with Biker influenced drop

Emerging Chicago-based brand Phera is making threads for the end of this summer that go alongs the road of Biker influence. The brand has been known for their very popular “DESIGNER” hoodies within the city, and they continue this trend with a new approach; the new “DESIGNER” tees are just going to be as much as a hit as the hoodies were with their inaugural release.

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