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Florida’s own Filthy brand has delivered fresh threads for the Spring/Summer of 2019

The Sunshine State has a lot of things to offer and one of the most resonating things that has been shaping their culture is the indie driven style and fashion scene that’s been emerging. One of the strongholds in the area is Filthy, a streetwear brand that delivers witty ideas via graphic design and aesthetic.

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Talkin' Fresh: Chicago's influential designer, Ron Louis of Phera Co.

That being said, we wanted to bring folks into the life and hustle of one of Chicago’s brightest designers that’s making a change beyond the borders of The Windy City. This would be none other Chicago’s own Ron Louis, the owner of Phera Co. , which is a growing fashion brand that’s been draped on the likes of Valee, Dreezy, King Louie, and many other Chicago acts that’s emerging throughout this year.

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⚡️MLM Premiere ⚡️Houston based brand INSWIF delivers some versatility with their latest lookbook

One brand who's presenting that with their latest collection is INSWIF, a new alternative to what Houston fashion is presenting to the forefront. In their collection, you find various ways of branding they implement their style off of while also bringing a youthful energy that's found in their models in each part of their lookbook.

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