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Florida’s own Filthy brand has delivered fresh threads for the Spring/Summer of 2019

The Sunshine State has a lot of things to offer and one of the most resonating things that has been shaping their culture is the indie driven style and fashion scene that’s been emerging. One of the strongholds in the area is Filthy, a streetwear brand that delivers witty ideas via graphic design and aesthetic.

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New Orleans based creative brands, FREEWATER + K20USA come together to drop off an off the wall drop with their “Keep 2 Eyes Free” collection

Much like music, it’s great to see different designers from the same city collaborate for the greater good of fashion. You see that with these two New Orleans emerging creative brands, FREEWATER and K20USA and their latest collaborative drop, “Keep 2 Eyes Free”.

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California designer Aaron Kai collides forces with Adidas for their collaborative drop on the Speedfactory AM4's

LA artist Aaron Kai and Adidas have teamed up with Nice Kicks to celebrate the release of Aaron’s speedfactory AM4. In a lot of his work, Kai mixes together his Hawaiian background and LA life, referencing the city’s similar beach and surf culture.

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