New Orleans based creative brands, FREEWATER + K20USA come together to drop off an off the wall drop with their “Keep 2 Eyes Free” collection

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 6.37.36 PM.png

Written by Greg Harris

Much like music, it’s great to see different designers from the same city collaborate for the greater good of fashion. You see that with these two New Orleans emerging creative brands, FREEWATER and K20USA and their latest collaborative drop, “Keep 2 Eyes Free”. Wanting to develop and display the aspect of the “New Age South”, these two companies deliver with this collection by supplying fresh 3M tech pants, bright tech jackets, abstract pullovers, beanies, and more. The drop is extremely futuristic and it has already caught a lot of people’s attention, this is only the start of their reign in 2019, expect them to drop more fire throughout the year.

Check out the collection below and shop with them here.