(Sound) + (Vision) pays tribute to Iggy Pop + Martin Margiela with new tee drop


Written by Greg Harris

Looking into infrastructure of indie fashion, it’s only a few designers who take time to research and pay homage to the greats that came before. One of the most notable in that bunch is Aaron Rice from (Sound) + (Vision). The Florida native continues to keep a keen eye to releasing pieces that pay homage to some of the greatest creatives in various areas.

He continues to go on his fiery influential path and drops a commemorative tee based aronud Martin Margiela. The design concept comes from a photo of Margiela wearing a Iggy Pop tee, so Rice took the same concept but plastered it with Margiela’s face. The vintage look is a nice piece that you can add to your collection today.

Check out the inspo for the collection below and shop with them here.

Check out the shirt and shop for it here.