Rising Brand, INSWIF are making huge strides in Houston and Beyond

Written by Greg Harris

As much as Houston has been a cultural haven when it comes to the space of music, it’s been some interesting clothing brands that have been making it’s way to the forefront with their style and flavor to fashion. As some brands have received nationwide attention from various sources, INSWIF is establishing their footing in Space City by staying in their own lane with their designs and materials.

The owner, Andrew Sommer describes the brand as one that’s for outcasts that “society struggles to accept who they truly are”. The creative acronym behind the name stems from “Insightful Wisdom Functioning”, which is a clever play on enlightening the mind but also using as a tool to drive creativity. This mindset has propelled the brand to not only expand the horizons in the area of clothes, but they also have done so with continuously throwing some of the most festive mansion parties in the Houston area.

Building their name in the city so much has allowed their work to expand to cities such as Los Angeles and New York City. The outright individualism brought out in their threads have helped them become a differentiated brand in H-Town. Sommer credits “learning from his life experiences and tragedies” as one of the main drives that are paved out in his collections. Given this information in the art of making clothing, INSWIF has certainly made strides to deliver fresh threads with a message behind it and it’s only a matter of time until the brand becomes a fan favorite across the nation.

Check some of their threads and shop with them here.