Drawing Outside The Lines: Papikodone

You may be familiar with his work from his cover art being on some of your favorite Soundcloud artists songs, LUCKI's "Watch My Back" art piece, Divine Council's material as well, and more. His famed pieces has garnered the eyes of many and he's one of the most sought after artists in today's time due to his unique abstract format for his pieces and the open elaborateness that he brings to his work.

Dallas/Forth Worth Underground King: The Short Story of TAY-K 47

So everyone knows that artist TAY-K was arrested recently and it was a big blow out not only to people that knew him but in the underground scene going on in Dallas today. The media and news portrayed TAY-K being a violent and murderous teen but if you knew him and hung around him everyday or just got the chance to meet him you wouldn't find him to be any of those things that the news says he is.

Love Him or Hate Him, Lil Jake Makes His Own Waves // Get to Know Lil Jake

In our perspective section, we've established a foundation to break creative individuals whose making their head way in their respective industry. In the past we've highlighted Kei, whose the hard working diligent manager behind household name 21 Savage, we tapped into the intel of Alamo Records and Daily Chiefers with Joey Walker, and today we're featuring The Windy City creative Lil Jake. 

Cultivating, Chiefing, and Creating: Get To Know Joey Walker of Alamo Records/Daily Chiefers

One of the key people who's stamped their mark in the game is Joey Walker, the cultivating writer/bossman of Daily Chiefers. Daily Chiefers was the key place to go to for some of Florida's premier talent that included Smokepurpp, Wifisfuneral, Lil Pump, XXXtentacion, and more. Walker used his platform to allow these artists to blossom and be broadcasted, so much to the point where legendary music guru Todd Moscowitz tapped him to be an A&R for the new budding label, "Alamo Records". 

Drawing Outside The Lines: DryDurags

Coming from Miami, Durags has played an instrumental part of the Soundcloud art game and has landed pieces for the likes of Pollari, Rolling Loud, Wifisfuneral, Larry League, and more. Due to his impressive resume we were interested in the ins and outs of his work. We recently had a chance to talk to him about his upbringing, how came up the concept of DryDurags, living in Florida, and more.

Drawing Outside The Lines: Ethan Ryan Punal 

The abstract rooted graphic artist derives from the same area where Salvador Dali built his foundation and that’s altering what reality presents to us, especially in the form of appearance. He’s done this with the likes of Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Young Thug, and more showing the alternate perspective of their personas.

L is for Lavar: The Big Baller Brand’s Underperformed Release of the ZO2 Prime

Two hundred and sixty-three.  That’s how many pairs of Lonzo Ball’s first shoe, the ZO2 Prime, Big Baller Brand managed to sell in its first day. Now, keep in mind the shoes retailed for $495, which is enough to buy four pairs of Steph Curry’s signature shoe with enough change to buy yourself a good meal. So if you do the math, that’s just over $130,000 in sales. For 24 hours, it actually doesn’t sound bad.  But, it is. 

Papikodone invades the Chicago Sleepers Podcast

In an age where social media leads to instant gratification and it’s also the platforms for the annoying socialites, it’s hard to differentiate who’s really about their business and who’s not. Being a supporter of the Chicago Sleepers since the earlier parts of this year, they have brought individuals who have shaped a unique culture in today’s time and one of these individuals is Papikodone.

The Coolest Screw Loose : Getting to Know Tedy Andreas

The Texas artist infrastructure has been one thing to watch over the past few years with the way it shows versatility. From the likes of Maxo Kream to Lil Rari, Tedy Andreas has broken the industry with his cool flow and lyrical tactics that's been making him a name to look out for this year. We had a chance to speak to the Texas by the Los Angeles artist about his influences, his path to success, the love for Houston he has and more.

Waking Up Chicago and Beyond: Get Hip to Chicago Sleepers 

The City of Win has been taking back a lot of it’s glory with the Chicago Cubs winning their first world series in over 100 years, and Chance the Rapper being the barrier breaker for online streaming music and winning three Grammys, it’s easy to say that Chicago is at the top of their game. This continues to be a cycle from the individuals who are making major moves to the indie acts and creatives as well, and you see that with Chi-Town’s growing podcast The Chicago Sleepers. 

The Sun's Godsend: A Conversation With Twelve'Len

Towards the end of 2016, we focused on the growing scope of what the Florida music scene and found a hidden gem with Twelve’Len. Shining a beaming perspective of life with his insight making songs for those aspire to break the barrier and go beyond human limits. Whether this meaning he crafts in his lyrics is taken figuratively or literally, it’s a direct message given in his work and that’s to experience, expound, and evolve. 

Drawing Outside The Lines: Father Nico

One creative has had an excellent year being himself as well as changing the ways people saw him and his art with every creation. That one artists is FatherNico, the mysterious young artist stealing the eyes of the people and putting them right onto his work. As vague as the young man is I got the chance to speak with Nico and get a better look into the foggy, abstract drawing on the window of your car in the rain that is… FatherNico himself. 

The Rundown: Lil Coupe

1500 Records has been on a rise recently. With their immense roster, filled with nothing but other producers, artists, and rappers, it only makes sense that with all the work they’ve been doing independently and collectively is being noticed now towards the end of the year. One rapper from the collective, Lil Coupe, has been exceeding his expectations while still improvising his craft to match his hunger for success.

The Rundown: OG Shyne

The Rundown has laid the groundwork for artists to express themselves and share their music to the followers of Modern Life Mag. Covering artists from coast to coast, we land back in the homestead of the MLM headquarters and stumble a brash yet witty sound that's coming from the Houstock camp. 

Seeing the creative collective from their humble beginnings, ByBreezy has single-handily created a lane where the indie acts of Houston can prosper, unite, and ultimately create a revolution amongst themselves to provide a refreshing versatile aura to the Houston music scene. Throughout the collective, it's many artists to offer, but OG Shyne stands out as one the lead general of the camp with her upfront attitude and will to win by any means.