Some Good Comes Out Of (Half )Evil: Half Evil Co. Hurricane Harvey Donation Article 

Coming out of the land of Connecticut, Half Evil Co has been making their waves with altering the perception of buying style for cheap. Offering different designs based on the “333” belief, Half Evil delivers these fresh garments for an equal price of $3.33 and it’s a drop that comes with them every month. While creating a system that benefits the supplier and customer, Half Evil decided to use these same forces for Hurricane Harvey with their “Fuck Joel Olsteen” tees. The tees sold out relatively quickly with the tremendous response from Social Media, and in the short time of it’s release, Half Evil collected over $400 during the release. 

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Talkin' Fresh: Nardgod of Wavesplus Clothing

Being the main man behind some of Sauce Walka, Sosamann, and Rizzoo Rizzoo's artwork, he decided to expand his horizons and take a stab in the fashion industry. His transition has seemed very seamless with creating pen and pixel and olde english inspired designs. These garments have been worn by the likes of Khari Bernard, Dice Soho, Drugrxch Peso, Skippa Tha Flippa, and more. Although he's moving in a different direction than other brands based out of the Bayou City, Wavesplus uses their differences as a strong suit to progress on a national scale. 

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Talkin' Fresh: Yung Beefy of Friday USA (Circa 2013)

Another brand who's made their way into the spotlight was Texas based brand, Friday USA. Making some of it's largest waves during the time of 2012 to 2014, Friday USA gave light to different thinking millennials in the Southwest region and emphasized on the matter of going beyond of your borders. Doing this allowed the brand to flourish and work with the likes of Philip Post of Dertbag, The Good Company, The Hundreds, and more.

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