UnCamofluaged and Unfazed: How Kylie Jenner Stole My Classmate’s Brand Identity, PluggedNYC

In recent years these groundbreaking students have ranged from the likes of fashion maven and Kanye West affiliate Jalil Peraza, men’s fashion influencer Igee Okafor, fashionista and style/beauty expert Alyssa Neilson, Billboard Magazine’s go to writer/reporter Adelle Platon, and now we have Tizita Balemlay, who’s brand has been blazing the threads of our timelines with Kylie Jenner accused of stealing her designing concepts. 

School’s Officially Out In Guilty Clothing’s Summer Editorial 

We love the emergence of brands from different places and seeing the progression with their direction and one name, in particular, we do take notice of is Guilty Clothing. We officially premiered one of their lookbooks earlier this year, and they keep the ball rolling with this editorial that shines a light on the aspect of school in a rebellious manner.

Why Fashion needs the PAQ Streetwear Show 

The cultural shift from the golden years of streetwear with the likes of The Hundreds, Diamond Supply, HUF, and Stussy were the vanguards of the scene to seeing high fashion menswear take over the fashion demographic goes to show how it defined our style palette today. The unique aspect of streetwear is the fact you can construct, build, and orchestrate an outfit with cheaper materials and become more versatile in the way you dress for a greater value as far as price goes. A group of individuals named Dex, Elias, Shaw, and Danny from the UK have gone beyond the boundaries to prove why streetwear is still so much of a vital aspect of how men dress in today’s time.