The Royal Hendrick$ : King Hendrick$ proves why he’s Houston X Factor with New Music 

The Houston soundscape has been one weird thing that has came into fruition with the likes of Trill Sammy and Dice Soho popping off due to their flossy rhymes, Maxo Kream’s clever killer wordplay, and Ugly God’s hysterical flows about booties and toes. Aside from the melting pot that resides in Southeast Texas, Houston has crafted a powerful for the rising star, King Hendrick$.

Vince Staples rides his own wave on his sophomore album, "Big Fish Theory"

Big Fish Theory, the sophomore album of North Long Beach MC Vince Staples is one of the better projects to come out of the hip-hop genre in the first half of 2017. The album takes great risks in terms of the production that Staples decided to utilize for this album. Featuring production from artists such as GTA, SOPHIE, and Flume, elements of house, trap, and Detroit techno are peppered throughout the project. Although the risks do net heaps of rewards, there are times that it seems as though Staples is purposefully trying to have the production take the spotlight.