Doeman Album Release at Imperial Houston

All Photos by @balanciereee

The Houston cultural scene continues to grow more and more, and you see that with rising stores like Imperial Houston. The throwback boutique has opened the doors for various artists such as Southside Gauxst, Wes Blanco, Doeman, and more to showcase their talents in front of spectators and shoppers. Earlier this week, we attended Doeman's Album Release for his alternative thinking yet hard hitting project, "Outer Body Experience".  There was nothing but good energy in the boutique, seeing the city come together to support the rising stars and capturing the essence of what Imperial has to offer was something Houston needed. 

Doeman is one artist who's going to make some huge waves in 2016 due to the diligence he displays along with the unique artwork he delivers and it was painted this past Monday. This night set the platform to something special that can make waves for the rest of this year. 

Check out the gallery below.