A Boat Trip Up North: Lil Yachty Sold Out Show in New York Recap

All Photos by Shot by: Joerese Anderson & Matthew Thompson

The "Red Bead" ATLien known to most as Lil Yachty has been erupting into stardom with his internet sensation, "1Night" and playing a pivotal role in Kanye West's sold out show in Madison Square Garden. Yachty continue to let his boat flow gently down the stream with a recent sold out show at Webster Hall in New York City. 

Attending the show, the first of the leg was filled with a righteous mix of classic trap jams that ranged from Gucci Mane to the new age bounce sounds of Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert. The air was filled with the aura of nicotine and marijuana and the dance floor with nothing but hip millennials who were either nodding or dancing to the enticing sounds. As this went on for a couple hours, the crowd was slowly growing angry and wanted to see the show's headliner make his way to the show.

As we waited for the overly packed stage to get clear, the introduction to Lil' Boat's "Hella O's" began to play and you started to see some people such as Zeus Trappin, Coach K, and more of the entourage greeting the crowd. Soon after, you see the red beads floating under a two-toned Yankees snapback and hearing a nasal-voiced artist saying "What's Good New York." 

The boat made it and it was off to the races as in terms of getting the show on the road. He opened a slew of singles such as Minnesota, Stack It, I Don't Fuck With Niggas, and more but being that he brought some of crew to New York, Yachty made sure to shine the spotlight on fellow up comers such has Nessly, Wintertime Zi, and KSupreme. This night also showed it was about the transcendence and power of bringing people together because this show brought out the best tastemaker at the moment, YesJulz and rising singer/rapper PnB Rock. 

Aside from the nursery inspired singles provied by Yachty and Co. and the surprise celebrities in attendance, the overall vibe of this mid-week turn up was a cool investment for a Tuesday night. 

Check out the recap video below