The Bayou City Visionary : Getting to know Jorgey

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Merriam-Webster defines an artist as someone who "practices any of various forms of art." It's one thing to practice it but it's another to execute the vision that artist carry on their minds. Houston is known for their hustle inclined mentality and someone who's been pushing his work to the forefront for quite sometime is JorgeyFilms.

The "Space City" native is the right hand man for well-established Houston rapper Le$. Jorgey would be the director of all art and camera operations when it came to Le$. This relationship transcended Jorgey to work with the likes of Curren$y, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and more.  

Not only has his work from as videographer grown but his approach of being a graphic artist catapulted his success in Houston as well. His "Houston Tribute" series featuring DJ Screw, Pimp C, Big Moe, Devin the Dude, and ESG caught the eyes of many and turned Jorgey into a figure people need to get familiar with.

We recently had a chance to speak to Jorgey about his recent success, Houston influence, reason behind making the Houston tribute series, and more.

Read below. 

How old were you when you got your first camera and what was the model?

I was actually 19 when I got my first camera. I had spent the last few years before that making mixtape covers and got tired of local artists sending me really bad quality photos. I wanted my work to look amazing down to the photos other than the graphics. I was really inspired by Mike Frost growing up so photography was something I knew I would get into eventually. In 2009 I finally purchased a Sony "DSC-R1".

I got it off craigslist for $200. I'm pretty sure it was stolen, it didn't even come with a charger.

A lot of people (mainly the youth) to be photographers what is one
piece of advice you could give them?

My advice for new photographers would be to go out, shoot as much as possible and research your heart out. There's always some new technique you can find or new skill you can study to improve your quality. Inspiration also comes in different ways you just have to be active and pick up your camera.

Also, what do you have to say to those that purchase a camera and
instantly call themselves a "photographer"?

Unfortunately I was one of "those" guys. Myspace was still cool at the time so I couldn't wait to get home and put that in my bio, smh. I learned quickly it wasn't such an easy title to give to yourself. I've been shooting since, and I finally consider myself a professional. It took many years, research, and fuck-ups.

What is the significance behind the bike logo?

My bike logo is a design I actually drew myself. I had put off drawing it for a long time and finally sat down and created it one day. I always pictured a boy on a bicycle chasing his dreams going somewhere. The crazy thing to me is, soon after I finally designed and branded the logo with myself, things started coming together after all the years of work I put into my portfolio. So it means a lot to me.

What Houston artist has inspired you the most when it comes to your work?

Mike Frost easily. I grew up looking through CD booklets & posters designed and photographed by him. I always wondered how they were created and what process was done to create such amazing art.

Do you have a favorite streetwear brand? And what is it?

My favorite street wear brand would be 10 Deep, hands down. Would love to work with them one day.

You and LE$ collaborate on a lot of projects together. What has to be the most memorable moment you guys shared?

Man for my bro LE$, it would have to be when I drove to New Orleans to shoot his track with Spitta "Come Up". I've been grinding with my bro LE$ for years now and that moment felt like he was finally getting the shine he deserved from outside of just Texas.

He was literally making his "Come Up". Mad proud of him.

What inspired to create the Houston tribute collection? 

The inspiration for the Houston Tribute Collection came after I created the Pimp C "Sizzurp" Illustration. I had a few people ask me If I could do more Houston artists. I didn't think too much of it and continued with a GYMC illustration featuring Paul and Cham. Before I knew it a lot of people became fans of it and have began to support the collection and each release.

As for the initial inspiration for the "Sizzurp" illustration, it came from Rebecca Maria. I'm a really big fan of her work, and really enjoyed her paintings featuring infamous Paid in Full scenes. I myself am not a painter lol but I've been doing graphic design all my life, so I created my takes with inspiration from her.

Who would you say your biggest inspiration is? And why?

My biggest inspiration would be local artists. There's nothing like seeing friends in the same field succeeding locally and knowing you want to succeed like them. It's motivation and inspiring.

If you could choose any person or company to work with Who would you work with?

If I could work with any person it would probably be Jonathan Mannion or Mike Frost. Their knowledge and history behind the lens with the music industry is amazing.

Do you have any big plans for the remainder of 2015?

My big plans for 2015 are really just to continue to establish myself as an artist. From design to film and photography, I always have random ideas that I jump into and execute asap. There's no telling what I'll get into by the end of this year lol.

To see more of Jorgey's work, follow him here.