Modern Life Mag's 5th Anniversary Party (Photo Recap)


All photos taken by Texan Luxury + Kolby Delce 

Modern Life Mag has served as a premier publication in the Houston area for the past 5 years, and it was only right to take a load off the work load for a little bit to celebrate. The 5th year has been a pivotal moment for MLM because we learned that the magazine is more than a site that people visit but it's a lifestyle that a lot of individuals can relate to. In support of thinking differently and believing in the mission statement of Modern Life Mag, it was our obligation to gather our supporters in one place and enjoy this moment with them. 

The 5th Anniversary/ByBreezy Birthday Party was held at Eastdown Warehouse on July 31. The event brought out the likes of Dice Soho, Ike Lord, Rizzoo Rizzoo, and more. The lineup included a various line of DJs and artists such as DJ Krooks, Camino Kent, Kwasei La Flare, LA, and more. 

This gathering was more than successful and it was ultimately a blessing because it shows the potential of the city and what it has to offer. If we keep pushing the envelope with more events as such, it's no telling what Houston can do.

Check out the photo gallery below.