Bodega's "It's a Dry Heat" Editorial: Cacti, Coyotes, and Cut and Sew in the Mojave Desert

Written by Greg Harris  // Photos by Bodega

The good people of Boston are enjoying themselves with the Celtics being in the playoffs, Cousin Stizz becoming one of the most prominent artists in the industry, and Red Sox having their normal success, it's easy to say that Bean Town is moving on to good things in 2017. Adding to the bowl of flavor, Bodega has made it's way of being a staple in the city with their undeniable sense of style and accessibility to brands that makes the number one tastemaker in Boston. One of their recent editorials, "It's a Dry Heat: Cacti, Coyotes, and Cut and Sew in the Mojave Desert" features just that with militant colors and a sandy backdrop. You see brands such as Stone Island, Raf Simons, and more featured in the editorial, make sure to visit their shop here as well. 

View the gallery below.