Cymply Not Simple: Get Familiar with Cymple Clothing 

Written by Greg Harris

When looking into what streetwear has to offer in fashion, it’s not necessarily a lot in the terms of it being a trend but the longevity in the matter of evolving fashion, streetwear is here to stay. It’s the medium of having gear to wear on the day to day grind while also opposing the initial message of wearing what’s presented in the mall. You see this in the progression of different brands creating more and more material that fans + supporters can identify in person or online. One budding brand who’s defining themselves by breaking the medium and actually getting to their consumer is Cymple.  


Brandon Castañeda, Owner and Brand Designer

Josh Weaver, Owner and Brand Strategist 


Shortly being made in November last year, Cymple has garnered the eyes of many and recently collaborated with us on their first pop-up shop at “The Joke’s On You” event we held at Ethik Clothing. What’s one of the things that set them apart from others brands is the attention to detail while also wanting to be differentiated. In their first drop, they included threads that touched up on the issues of America and it’s corrupt society while also paying homage to all things player with their “Pimp Accordingly” long sleeve tee. Although they haven’t came with a collection that has a central theme, it’s a lot of promise in a brand who wants to search for the differences in fashion, from their name to their brand concepts. The fact that is noticed only by their supporters but recently they were interviewed by Vashtie.Com about their thought process as well and origins as well. 

What we love about streetwear is the fact we can dress in any format at any time, Cymple plans on bringing on that ideology to a level where it shows durability while also showing exclusivity as well. Cymple has a bright future ahead of them and we recommend you take notice before it’s too late. 

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