Young, Fearless, and Different: Get to know Von Creations


Inspired by the youth and dark, emerging fashion designer and CEO/Founder of Von Creations, Trevon James designs unisex clothing that are high quality, unique and stylish. With his up coming collection releasing October 13th, he focuses on more than just following trends, and put a little history and meaning into these pieces. 

Born and raised in Missouri City, Trevon began making garments in the 7th grade at Missouri city Middle school, where in a sewing class full of girls he still strived to use his sense of style to his advantage to create something worth while. Even though he was side tracked in high school, he returned to the fashion world to bring his visions and inspirations to life.

What separates your brand from others?

The creative mindset and the meaning behind it


What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer? 

Fashion is creativity and being your self as a person and some time trend 


What interests you most about fashion?

The way people people ideas from there head on to a better in built a garment more like a blue print 

Do you believe that social and economic factors have affected fashion over the years? How?

-It has impacted the culture of it socially. It has became more of a social thing because the Internet is so powerful now a days and the economy is changing with this new generation. So it goes hand and hand. 



What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

"The face people make and the reaction of your clothing when people are wearing them. "




How do you select material you use? Are they sometimes difficult to work with?

I'm very different with my material. I try to go away from others and most people go to the same places in Houston. I try to go far away and be different. I try expand my horizon and set examples with being different.  


Tell us about your upcoming collections.

One of my pieces is based upon our black youth. The shirt says "freedom" meaning let them experience the world and question themselves instead of someone in their ear telling them what they should do with their life. It's all about making our own decisions whether it's good or bad.

My second shirt has the word "Nigga"with a quote from Tupac giving his meaning on that word. In this day in age, you can say the word "Nigga" anyday, all day. Back then, African Americans were all called that and now we use the word as a sense of pride. This shirt points out the evolution of the word and showing the distinction between the two meanings of "nigga" and the root word "nigger."

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