Modern Life Mag List : Top 10 Streetwear Brands

The presence of fashion in Space City is very vital to the way we define ourselves as Houstonians. From the way we talk to the way we choose our sneakers or the way we wear our clothing has showed our lifestyle in H-Town, but it's a new generation of individuals that's showing off the city in a different way.

The streetwear scene has emerged quickly over the past few years and it has quickly changed the way we represent our homeland. For example, Ridin Dirty made an unofficial t-shirt for the city when he crafted the "Houston Sippers" that's came in various colorways. Another example is Stay Av8ted making the drug abuse long sleeve tee that caught the attention of Actives and eventually banned SA from making any more of those tees because they became popular. 

Houston has started movemenets and they should all be notice because they put their time and their effort into their products. So we felt like it was the perfect time to display 10 our favorite brands in the city and give these clothing lines the official stamp of who reps Houston the best with their clothes. 

Read the list below. 



10.Krvsh Dummy

To Start off the list, we have Krvsh Dummy. Their brand is currently under the radar but constructing a collection that’s paying homage to the fallen legends in Houston Hip Hop will only get people’s attention in the city. From their denim Barre Baby cap to their Backwood coach jackets, they have a vast selection that Houstonians can choose from. Keep your eyes on these guys in 2016, you may find some gems in their collections. 

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9. Oaks Clothing

Being young and defying the odds at 17 is a challenge within itself but Oaks Clothing makes it look effortless. The youngest brand in the list has delivered fresh clothing and made it apparent he’s not playing no games with other brands in the city. The designs he’s making have grown and so has his mindset. Also his networking skills got people such as The Sauce Twinz, Kirko Bangz, and more to wear his threads. The potential found in Oaks Clothing only says it’s only a matter of time that we see him at the top of the food chain in Houston streetwear. 

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8.Lavish Club 

Their presence is not as prominent as of late but I wouldn’t be surprised if Lavish Club climb up the ranks in the next few years. The Lavish Club focuses on the cool aesthetic of clothes and what it takes to be a modern day "playa" in their threads. They use a lot of influences coming from the 90s and 3rd Coast vibes but they have already have expanded their way of thinking as of late. The potential they have is enormous and they have all the capabilities of executing if they stay on the right path.

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7. Tribez HTX

 If someone can create a brand that uses vintage sports as a staple of their influence and deliver it with a huge nostalgic presence but make it good as new, you will have Tribez HTX. This brand has made it apparent they will take their customers down memory lane with their Starter inspired tees and with their Malcolm X “By Any Means Necessary” hats. Their Houston’s modern day Chalk Line because they have the same format as a vintage brand would but it full derives from the city’s energy in a time frame where we were champions. It’s only right we feature them on this list because they're the only ones executing it correctly in H-Town. 

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6.Childhood Clothing

 Despite the name of this brand, Childhood Clothing delivers the opposite of what people expect. The abstract and ruthless attitude of this growing brand has garnered the city’s eyes to pay close attention to them. From their Hakeem The Dream design to the black denim Thrasher inspired tees, CHLD has established themselves as someone who’s connected to the abstract side of Houston culture. These guys are here to stay due to their consistency and giving the people what they want. 

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5.Steak and Shrimp

Even though brand is constructed by rapper LE$, Steak and Shrimp is not your typical artist merchandise. Le$ has created a full brand that has a lifestyle attached to it. The chill demeanor found in the artist is brought out in his threads. The deep southern influence infused in dope presentation just makes the brand one of the smoothest in the city. 

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4.Outlaw 713

The diversity of brands found in this list really gives Houston a different perspective but one brand sticks to their guns and show it in their design game is Outlaw 713. The blunt and direct notion of the stick up attitude they carry in their work is fused with a smooth charisma that shouts out the 3rd Coast in every way possible. They are visionaries with their concepts and expect for them to be a top dog in the near future. 

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3. HouGlo

Another brand who’s developing as a new obsession who sticks to their roots is Houston Global. Their 90s based southern themes has crafted these young guys into visionaries who have a special insight on the city from a fashion aspect. Their connection to the youth is prevalent and if the two that are before this brand don’t stay on top of their game I wouldn’t be surprised if we see HouGlo be at the top in a couple years. 

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2 .Stay Av8ted

Coming in close at second, we have Stay Av8ted. Hailing from the Southwest side of town, their fresh delivery and constant drops have pushed them up the ranks. Their strong Texas flavor with a new style has developed a fan base who craves sleek designs with sweet concepts.  Also, they cross boundaries with their inspired spin offs with their threads such as their FILA, Newport, and DKNY drops. These guys will remain at the top for quite some time because they keep everything up to date. 

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1. Ridin' Dirty

This brand has reigned supreme in Houston for quite sometime and they do it for with two components. That’s because of their consistency that energizes their large fan base and the iconic designs that have shaped the new generation of kids in Houston. This mix has gained respect from the OGs in Hustle City to the out of town crowd who’s been influenced by the city’s culture. It’s easy to say we’ll be speaking about this brand for years to come and it’s only right we give them the crown for the best streetwear brand in Houston.

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