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Press Lives Matter: Adam Lerro, Owner of The Plug Society/A&R + Digital at Alamo Records

In this edition, we focus on Philadelphia’s own Adam Lerro, who’s one of the key pieces of the indie platform, The Plug Society and one of the rising players at Alamo Records. Given his in-depth social media experience, capability of running a brand and bringing it to the forefront, Adam has not only proved that he can put on artists but also put them in the spotlight for them to progress as time moves on.

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The Rundown: BrickBoyDior

One of the hotbeds that’s starting to bubble more on the Florida music scene is the vibes of Palm Beach. You’ve the seen the likes of Solider Kidd, DJ Scheme, and Wifisfuneral break from the oceanside city to the headlines of national news in major ways, and this is only opening the doors for new talent in the city to emerge. One of the brightest kids in the city that’s making a name for himself is Brickboydior.

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Artistic Integrity: Meet Houston rising rapper/food enthusiast, Burger Man

Today, we kick off the series with budding Missouri City-based rapper, Burger Man. One of the members of the trendsetting group, FOE G4NG, Burger Man has been ruling the in and outskirts of Houston for quite some time and now he's looking to take on the rest of nation with his new music. Coming off the heels of his two successful releases, "Fuck College" and "Hunt", he's been receiving much love form labels, outlets, and social media personalities.

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