Artistic Integrity: Meet Houston rising rapper/food enthusiast, Burger Man

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Written by Greg Harris  

Modern Life Mag has been recently been placing a focus on people in the industry who have been making major moves behind the scenes but we haven't been necessarily putting a focus on the artists, which is the root cause of this publication. Music moves us in a way where we forget our daily activities for a few minutes and escape into the depths of whatever song that pops up on your playlist. So we wanted to take things back to the root and deliver our new interview series, "Artistic Integrity". 

Title stemming from a Seinfeld episode and a track from Wale, we wanted to deliver a feature interview series where artists feel they have a safe space to say whatever they want. Today, we kick off the series with budding Missouri City-based rapper, Burger Man. One of the members of the trendsetting group, FOE G4NG, Burger Man has been ruling the in and outskirts of Houston for quite some time and now he's looking to take on the rest of nation with his new music. Coming off the heels of his two successful releases, "Fuck College" and "Hunt", he's been receiving much love form labels, outlets, and social media personalities. In the midst of the growing Houston music scene, he looks to be an outlier in it with his infectious positivity and cool-kid-esque rhymes.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Burger about his upbringing, how did it feel to be famous in the city at a young age, how does he feel about his music, and more. 

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How’s Your Modern Life?

Going good man, I've been content with my life and everything going on.

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up in the morning?

Besides brushing my teeth and stuff of that nature. I gotta check my phone, figure out things to do to keep myself busy, and listen to some music.

Coming up in Missouri City, how would you explain your upbringing?

It was really good actually, most of the time I played video games up until I was like 14. But everything was cool for the most part.

How would you explain the nature of Missouri City, as it is a city on the outskirts of Houston and how it differentiates itself from Space City?

Missouri City is so distinct and has its own everything. You can literally tell when somebody is from Missouri City. From the lingo, the way we dressed, just everything. Missouri City is literally its own city and has its own culture and social identity.

Growing up, what were some defining moments for you when it came to your love of music?

Watching Bone Thugs n Harmony as a kid made me fall in love with music. I loved their fast rap style so I would read the lyrics while listening to their songs to learn the words and learn how to rap fast. NWA played a huge role as well, their style was just everything to me. I loved the rebellious persona that they carried.

What would you say would be some instrumental artists/albums that played a pivotal part in the way you listen + create music?

Tyler the Creator, Odd Future, Sam Smith, Elton John, and Kid Rock all have played a huge role in the way I listen and create music. As far as albums I'd say "Camp" from Donald Glover, "Goblin" from Tyler, and "E 1999 Eternal" from Bone Thugs n Harmony.

Being an avid music journalist in the Houston music scene, I can say it’s been quite entertaining to see your rise in the city’s scene with your beginnings with FOE G4NG. How can you describe the birth of the group and how do you feel like you all have grown over time?

We all grew up together and been cool since we were young. We all would all go to Nick house and record freestyles in the closet, and later we started taking it seriously. We now take music more seriously than we did then, and we more mature than we were back then. We all got better obviously but yeah.

"I don't dress like other Houston artists, I don't rap like them, not saying that they're not good but we are different. I'm the happy, positive, high-energy piece Houston is missing and I feel like I am the one that can fill that void."


The rise of FOE G4NG is another thing to consider in the Houston scene because it certainly wasn’t a situation where songs were playing on the radio but I feel as if you guys were ahead of the curve with garnering a huge fan-base across the city over social media. Why do you feel like the music has resonated with kids so much in the city?

We were well known prior to making music so when we started we already had an advantage. So with that, we made good music and people instantly began fucking with it. Us being so young at the time made it resonate with people because were amazed we were capable of making good music at young ages.

Bubbling in the city for quite some time, you’ve implemented yourself as being one of the front-runners waiting your turn with who’s next from the H. What motivated you to get to the position that you’re in now?

I love music and I just wanna be appreciated for composing something I love to do.

In the midst of the artists bubbling in Houston on a major scale now, what things you feel like differentiate yourself from the pack and makes you unique?

Where do I start? I dont dress like other Houston artists, I dont rap like them, not saying that they're not good but we are different. Im the happy, positive, high-energy piece Houston is missing and feel like I am the one that can fill that void.

When it comes to the essence of burgers, what are three necessities that fit your criteria with you having the perfect burger?

I need onions on my burger, cant eat a burger without onions on that bitch. Ketchup is a must, and pickles. Really everything besides tomatoes and mayo. That shit is disgusting.

Being from Texas, it’s a must you’re rocking with Whataburger, what are things about Whataburger that makes the best fast food for spots for Burgers in the USA?

Man that shit good af bruh. Them strawberry shakes good as fuck. I buy every damn day I kid you not. The burgers so fucking good, and shall even get started on the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. Whataburger just feels like home, especially when its late at night and everything closed but you know Whataburger gone alwasy be there.

How do you want to continue to revolutionize music with your sound?

Keep being consistent, speak for the outcasts and misunderstood people of this society. Also gay people have it rough and I believe that love is love. I want everybody to be comfortable with who they really are.

What are three things you want to accomplish this year?

Make an impact on the people I love lives. Get a song with Tyler the Creator, and meet Sam Smith.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

As the guy who did what ever he wanted, a positive energy, and was comfortable with who he was regardless of what people thought.

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