The Rundown: BrickBoyDior

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Written by Greg Harris

The South Florida music scene has become one of the new models of how to break indie artists and what the modern sound of urban music/new-age music is supposed to sound like. Breaking artists such as Ski Mask The Slump God, XXXtentacion, Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, and more, Florida has revitalized itself with younger talent that can come from various different areas of sound and ultimately cultivate the presence of modern sound and what direction it’s moving to.

One of the hotbeds that’s starting to bubble more on the Florida music scene is the vibes of Palm Beach. You’ve the seen the likes of Solider Kidd, DJ Scheme, and Wifisfuneral break from the oceanside city to the headlines of national news in major ways, and this is only opening the doors for new talent in the city to emerge. One of the brightest kids in the city that’s making a name for himself is Brickboydior.

He’s a solid representation of a modern young flexer who likes to spread his hundreds with fashion, while blasting some of his own stripper-influenced jams in the background. The “Pretty Party Boy” image that BrickBoyDior portrays is what I see in some of the Florida artists but he does it in way where it’s swiftly smooth while having jams for ladies to get active to. The new sound he’s bringing forward by himself and his frequent collaborator, RorysDeath is going to bring a big wave to what Palm Beach is going to offer in 2019 and beyond.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Brickboy for our emerging artist interview series, ‘The Rundown”. We had the chance to talk about his upbringing, his sound in the Florida scene, Palm Beach, and more.

Read the interview below.

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up in the morning?

First thing I gotta do when I wake up is get high as hell so I’ll do that and just listen to music play Fortnite and all dat that’s about it.

Growing up in Palm Beach, how would you describe your upbringing?

My upbringing was pretty rough for a lil bit moving from this place to that place I probably lived in a different crib every year for like 5 years. When I was like 5 is when we got a crib and lived in it for awhile. As a jit, I was just always riding my dirt bikes, skating and all of that, I used to play football for a lil for a couple years I ended up breaking my collar bone so that’s when I stopped that.

Living in the Florida area for quite some time, how would you say Palm Beach is different from the rest of the state?

I know Palm Beach different from a lot of cities in Florida because i know a whole lotta kids who are bout they shit. I’m not saying jits in other cities aren’t on nothing but all I know is living in Palm Beach taught me a whole lotta shit that I need to know.

Palm beach is also just nice like the area nice everything is clean and there’s hella stores and everything really close to where we be at. 

Given that the scene is just cultivating its own sound now, how do you feel about your position in the rising scene in Florida?

I honestly feel like my position in how Palm Beach is forming new sounds is on a whole different level I make music for everyone to turn up to and then I make music that can be played in strip clubs and shit like that for bitches to be shaking ass too.

I feel like other artists from my city can make music for people to turn up to but all I know is that nobody gonna make a song that get the hoes wild like me.

What do you feel like you bring to the growing Florida sound?

I feel like I bring a whole lot to the table I don’t really speak words that will touch peoples hearts in my music but I know damn well after people see me counting bread on IG or just listening to my songs it motivates people to wanna go get themselves a bag or not even a bag, makes kids wanna go get themselves some hoes or something.

Still in the rising phases of your career, what are some things you want to do to better your artistry over time?

There’s a lot of things that I wanna do to perfect my craft I feel like over time i haven’t got to use my voice to full potential as in like singing or something along that line. I already know that eventually I’m going to be putting out a singing track which is something that i haven’t done, and i also wanna try some new shit with a lot of effects on my vocals to bring a whole new vibe, I’ve always kept my vocals pretty much raw with alil bit of reverb but never any auto tune or anything like that. 

You’re at a point of diversifying your catalog, so if you had a point to drop a project within the next week with released and unreleased material you have today, how would you describe the sound of that project?

I don’t even know how I would describe that to be honest. I feel like all of my songs sound similar but then I feel all of them are completely different because of the different stuff I talk about. If I was to drop a tape today I would probably put a few songs from my Soundcloud and probably like 4 unreleased songs.

I would have like 2 songs being some club hits and then the rest just hard hitting songs that can get the crowd going crazy I don’t even know how to identify my sound to be honest I feel like I’m just different with everything that comes out


“I see myself progressing until I can’t possibly anymore. Music is my life and I’m not gonna stop until I reach the top. So you can plan on seeing me there before it’s time for me to go.”


In what ways do you see yourself growing as an artist?

I see myself progressing until I can’t possibly anymore. Music is my life and I’m not gonna stop until I reach the top. So you can plan on seeing me there before it’s time for me to go.

As you continue to rise in the ranks, what do you want folks from Palm Beach to remember when they bring your up name?

I want everyone in Palm Beach to remember me as the kid that you gotta watch around your bitches lmao.

I already be seeing dudes how they be moving when I come around there girls so it seems like I’m already doing something right. 

What are three goals you have going into 2019?

My three goals for 2019 would have to be getting my first 100,000 streams on anything like a visual or just a song on SoundCloud by the end of the year I want all my music in all platforms, I’ve stuck to Soundcloud to gain a following on there, then once I get a decent following on there I’m going to move onto all platforms. And another goal would be to get a get a video with Lonewolf to be real, that doesn’t have to be this year but in my career I definitely need one of those. 

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to go down in history?

Ima go down in history as the jit with every bitch in the world oh yeah and a whole lotta racks.

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