Larry June comes full circle and cohesive in his new smooth project, "The Port of San Francisco"


As much as The West Coast has been making its rounds around country, one of the overlooked and sometimes under appreciated places of music is in The Bay. Yes it may be fans of the hyphy music era, but the essential presence behind the music isn’t there nationwide. On the contrary you have the likes of Larry June who is transcending into different places with his cool flow, universal life application lines, and ethos of living a better lifestyle.

The motivational approach he takes in his material has suited to be a soundtrack for hustlers across America and it shows in his new body of work. Picking up right where he left off, June drops off a new entertaining project called “The Port Of San Francisco”, which is one of the most well put pieces of music. It’s filled with 9 tracks full of nothing but grooves.

Check out the new project below.