03 Greedo still staples his presence to the world with his impressive project, "Still Summer In The Projects"


Written by Greg Harris

The West Coast music scene has been one of the most influential places that has resonated with the rest of the country. While some acts have made their way onto the nation’s doorstep with catchy singles and things will last only a couple of weeks via the radio and internet, the movement behind 03 Greedo is bigger than life. Currently incarcerated in Texas, Greedo still has made his presence known with his everlasting music and ability to go beyond the confines of the studio and affect the folks that love his material.

While he may be still on lock, Greedo looks to lock the summer down with his new project, “Still Summer In The Projects”. The collaborative effort between Greedo and DJ Mustard levels up the cohesive sound that “The Wolf of Grape Street” has been striving to make. This is a solid reminder why he’s one of the most influential guys to come out The LAnd right now.

Check out the new project below.