Krimelife Ca$$ and Al Benji turn up the streets of New York with their new hit, "Freddy vs Jason"

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Written by Greg Harris

The modern infrastructure of music continues to expand and present versatility in the urban sector. With hip-hop growing to be the most popular genre, its molding itself outside of its infancy with more artists coming into their own and develop their flavor in their respective industry. That being said, New York City buzzing upstarts Krimelife Ca$$ and ABG Neal have made it apparent that a new wave of music is going to take over the new landscape of artists who are going to prove their ground as the year progresses. Coming with hits such as "Forrest Gump" and "Posted", the duo and the rest of the Krimelife Boys have made it known that they're solidifying their ground.

Continuing the process of dropping more material for this year, Al Benji and Krimelife Ca$$ connect on their lively yet gritty visual, "Freddy vs Jason". The cinematic presentation is another Starr Mazi classic that shares a movie-like representation of the rising NYC collective. On their current hot streak of memorable visuals and anthems, the Krimelife Boys will alarm the ears and eyes of many future fans in 2019 and beyond.- Gregory Harris