The Bay's favorite, Larry June continues to keep up his consistency in 2019 with his new electrifying project, "Early Bird'

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Written by Greg Harris

Looking at the scope of California and what they’re offering with their music scene, The Bay has to be one of the most unique regions that continues to get better with the way they handle music business and how they continue to cultivate their sound in the process. One of the big dogs in the space, Larry June, continues to set an example of how he’s leveraging his art in multiple areas and how his music is only getting better with time. Coming off a consistent record of singles and visuals, he offers a new project titled “Early Bird”.

The new body of work is modern representation of what the modernized hustler is up to these days. It’s a smooth blend of turn up anthems that are glossed over with playerstic jams that listeners can enjoy as well. The combination of the two create another classic that June fans will love.

Check out the new body of work below.