Florida rising artist, Sax5thTJ delivers a mesmerizing visual for his heavily-favored single, "Wockhardtless"

WOCKHARDTLESS ADDED PIC.00_01_21_16.Still004 copy.jpg

Written by Greg Harris

Coming from the depths of Florida, Sax5thTJ has emerged as one of the brightest talents in the Gunshine State with his melodic sound and large fanbase that continues to grow. One of the reasons he's gained the success he has in recent memory is the slow-burning growth of his most known record, "Wockhardtless".

Quickly growing single from the internet has finally received it's visual treatment with having TJ drinking lean and blowing big gas in the hills of LA with Lil Candypaint and DJ Quincyy. The visual is quite crisp and something like this will only lay the foundation down for TJ and his work in the future.

Check out the visual below.

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