TisaKorean connects with rising Texas producer, Lil No Friends on their groovy new single, "Watch Your Step"


Written by Greg Harris

If you’ve been keeping up with the social media market of hip-hop, you’re more than familiar with Tisakorean. The innovator of the modern jigg, “The Woah”, Tisa has been in many circles and influenced the new Texas infastructure with his music, his social media content, and the way that he dances. As he continues to rise up the ranks, he’s been dropping nice visuals and singles in the process. Today we feature a new exclusive from Texas producer, Lil No Friends and his new collaborative effort with Tisa called “Watch Your Step”.

The new groovy quickstrike is another hit that both can add to their arsenal. It’s something light but it’s something that will carry a lot of replay value to say the least.

Check out the new single below.