Shoreline Mafia and Az Chike remixes a classic California single with their new song, "The Players Club"

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Written by Greg Harris

When it comes to the California music scene, it’s safe to say that Shoreline Mafia is running a large majority of the region with their consistency to make hits after hits. Coming off the heels of their recent project, “OTXmas”, they continue to apply more pressure going into the new year with their single, ‘The Players Club”.

The new single samples a California classic from Rappin 4 Tay, which carries the same title. The remix of the single is produced by the likes of LowTheGreat, AceTheFace, and Joogftr. The trio create a modern classic that Ohgeesy, Fenix, and AzChike effortlessly floss over with their laid-back flow.

Check out the new single below.