South Carolina star, Shawn Scrilla drops off a new banger with "Favorite Rapper"

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 2.52.10 PM.png

Written by Greg Harris

Emerging as one of South Carolina's major players in their growing music scene, Shawn Scrilla has been on all gas no brakes with his latest bodies of work. As he continues to keep his pedal to the medal with his releases, he drops off a new banger for fans to enjoy with his new visual, 'Favorite Rapper". The Savani directed visual gives light to Scrilla and his friends living lavishly in the some of the best living quaters in Miami flashing cash and having a good time. This is only a positve step forward towards what Scrilla is doing to bring South Carolina's sound to the nation's forefront. 

Watch the visual below.