Fort Worth’s next star, Kenny B strikes gold with his new hit, “Kawasaki”

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Written by Greg Harris 

One of the most loaded places in hip-hop music right now is Texas. The Lone Star State has been producing talent at an alarming rate throughout this year and one of its key regions that are handling a lot of the production of artists is the Dallas area. Dallas certainly have a lot of artists who are ready to break the mold outside of the Texas borders but Fort Worth's own Kenny B has been doing just that with the string of visuals + singles he's been dropping for the past few months.

The Alamo Records artist first made his big splash on No Jumper with his visual, "History" and now he's back with another quickstrike called "Kawasaki". The Yinka Soda directed shows Kenny blowing gas and cash in the streets and studios of New York. Broadening his image beyond Texas, Kenny is poised to be one of the South's most interesting acts, it's just a matter of time until the rest of the nation really gets hip to his sound.