⚡️MLM PREMIERE⚡️Emerging rapper CRASHJORDY drops a jiggy banger with "Woke Freestyle"


Written by Greg Harris

Some may be aware and others may not but some parts of East St. Louis are generating some interesting who are breaking into the industry at the moment. First would be the breakout of Comethazine, who has garnered millions of views on Youtube and has went on a headling nationwide tour. Next in line of breaking out on a national market is CrashJordy, a deep-voiced rapper that spits vicious bars and delivers dope melodies. Today he brings forth a drop-dead rhythmic vibe with his "Woke Freestyle", this is over the infamous "Dip" song that Houston artist TisaKorean has put out this past summer. Jordy delivers more a rockstar-esque take on it and rips the instrumental apart. We heavily approved the single and we advise to take parts in it as well. 

Check it out below.