Houston shining star, Don Toliver drops a modern melodic masterpiece with his debut, “Donny Womack”


Written by Greg Harris

The Houston music scene is a bubbling pot of artists who are moving at their own rate with content, but one of the most consistent in the bunch in Southwest Alief artist, Don Toliver. The groovy rising artist in H-Town has been applying pressure all year and he strikes gold with his official debut, “Donny Womack”. The 13-track project shows a full glimpse of what kind of artistry Toliver is presenting to the forefront and how influential his sound can be for the new Texas soundscape that’s emerging.

His source of differentiation makes a Big Fish in Houston’s pond of emerging music, and at the rate that he’s going, he’s showing signs of being one of the Bayou City’s most promising artists to come out for years to come.