San Marcos supergroup, PNTHN delivers a trunk-rattling jam with "SupaFantastic"


Written by Greg Harris

If you've been keeping up with what the Texas scene has been putting out this year, listeners can say that the Lone Star state has some serious heat bubbling. One of the outliers in the state's scene is San Marcos' creative collective, PNTHN. Known for their crazy antics and expansive creative vision, the group continues to put out quality content and differentiate themselves as one of the more serious acts in Texas. 

They push the pedal to the medal with this fast rhythmic jam, "SupaFantastic". As the different artists bob and weave the instrumental, it's a plethora of flows that are presented to the forefront that show the flexibility the group has. If you're not familiar with their sound, this is a great audio example to show how prominent they are. 

Listen to the song below.