Rizzoo Rizzoo and Ron Ron the Producer connect for a bonafide hit with "Ballaholic"

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Written by Greg Harris

As The Sauce Factory continues to be one of the most iconic collectives in Texas, the collective has also grown to be one of the most influential groups that's birthing solo stars as well. While Walka and Sosamann have been known nationwide, Rizzoo Rizzoo is keeping his foot on the gas and raising stakes with his new material to solidify his position in the Lone Star state. Coming off being featured in Say Cheese's Top 25 In Texas list, Rizzoo drops a bonafide banger with his new visual, "Ballaholic".

The Ron-Ron produced single captures a creative collaboration between "The Flava God" and Sour Matt while in Los Angeles. In the midst of blowing big gas with West Coast Cure to shopping at Round Two on Melrose, Rizzoo maximizes his spending habits effortlessly and solidifies his position as an independent baller but also one of Texas brightest stars in the making.  

Check out the video below.