NewAgeSoutheastPunk: Why Charlotte rising artist Nascar Aloe is making waves with his sound

Nascar Aloe .jpg

Written by Greg Harris

The Carolinas has become a new haven for new talent to emerge in recent months. With having such a profound hood/trap music scene in South Carolina and the versatility that's being presented in North Carolina has pushed labels and fans from all over to tap into the regions. When it comes to the new modern sound of North Carolina you think of the likes of BBY Goyard, 10 Cellphones, RonSoCold, and Da Baby. In the midst of this growing bunch that's growing on the national radar, you have to consider emerging rapper Nascar Aloe in the race of being one of North Carolina's most exciting artists to watch out for. 

The difference that Nascar presents is a large level of energy. Drawing vibes that show influence from Screamo music, Aloe derives from the modern punk wave that's emerging and he turns it up a couple notches with his own flavor.


You can hear it in records such as "Anarchy In The US", where you hear vintage punk melodies carrying the song. You can also hear it in his single, "Punks Only", which is fully embedded with nothing screaming vocals and distorted sound to match the red levels that Nascar is peaking into with his songs. 

Although it is something from the norm that's happening in this region, it's giving personality to what this area can become in the near future. Remaining the outlier in a growing scene, Nascar Aloe has the golden recipe of success to break out of the borders of North Carolina. 

Listen to his material below.