PG RA stamps his flag as one of South Carolina's best artists with his new project, "Up & Boppin"

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Written by Greg Harris

The South Carolina music scene has been erupting with a lot of artists who are going to pave the way for the new wave. One of the premier artists from the area is PG RA. He's certainly been on a run with singles such as "Show My Ass" and "No Joke", but he fully shows his form of street artistry with his latest body of work, "Up & Boppin". The 3 track album showcases PG RA grimey sound over nice instrumentation and it showcases a curated effort for cohesive sounds along with cohesive imagery on the album cover. While this may be a short project, it's something that is consistent and fully embodies the artist that's delivering, and this is why PG RA is certainly a threat in the SC market. 

Listen to the project below.