Houston's own Sad Frosty delivers a certified hit with "Fake Chain"

Sad Frosty GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris 

The soundscape of Houston is becoming a platform for artists not to stick to one sound but to explore different routes of delivery so to speak. One of the artists doing just that in his own lane is Sad Frosty. The Missouri City representer presents a fun/off-kilter flow that makes listeners laugh while also being intrigued. His persona can be perceived as playful and mischevious, you can clearly see this in his new visual, "Fake Chain". The No Jumper premiered visual captures Frosty roaming the streets LA, screeching at high volumes, and pouring cereal onto his hair. To say this visual is interesting is an understatement, it's an upbeat 2 and half minute movie you don't want to miss. 

Watch here.