South Carolina veteran, Frank Dinero delivers a street testimony with "Dear Trap"

Frank Dinero .jpg

Written by Greg Harris 

The South Carolina hip-hop is bubbling into something more than a 3rd Coast that's presenting a couple of artists, but it's becoming more of a tidal wave of talent that's presenting different things to the forefront with their variation in sound. From the likes of Renni Rucci, NGeeYL, Shawn Scrilla, and more, it's a lot to offer from the state. One of the heavyweights in the state, Frank Dinero has been laying down the foundation and working effortlessly to prove why's he one of SC's most promising acts for quite some time. Throughout his routine of performing relentlessly and recording at that same rate, he offers a new body of material titled "Dear Trap".   

The ten-track EP is one load of singles that provides Dinero's testimony of his grind, his balance between music and the streets, and ultimately aiming higher to achieve greater things in his future. For those who aren't really familiar with his music, this is the perfect introduction to his sound + visuals below. 

Listen to his songs and watch his videos below.