San Antonio buzzing artist, Mateo Sun picking up to steam with "Right Now"

Mateo Sun Right Now GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris 

Although Texas seems like it's a progressing state in the state of hip-hop music, it's been a region in "Lone Star" state that's been totally untapped. As Dallas, Houston, and Austin remain the big dogs of Texas, San Antonio has been a place known for its rich Hispanic culture and it's consistent NBA team is now the home of growing talent in hip-hop. As some people caught wind of what's going on there with recent Atlantic Records signee BLAKE, another artist who's selling out shows and making a name for himself is Mateo Sun. Garnering hundreds of thousands of views on various records of his own, he's proving why he's capable of achieving the throne of San Antonio even more on "Right Now". The PrvyedUp produced single is an instant hype anthem and shines more light on why Mateo Sun is taking over the Central/West Texas wave. 

Watch Here.