Rocky Banks doesn't take his foot off the pedal with "Tony Hawk"

Rocky Banks Tony Hawk GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris  

The exceptional rise of content and the way it's getting formatted in Houston is astounding. The quality of these artists' work is getting to a point where it's only a matter of time that more of them will be recognized on a national stage, and you can see that with Rocky Banks latest drops. Coming off a successful relapse effect of his single, "Through The Phone", that listeners thought was a Chance the Rapper + Kendrick Lamar song, drove Banks views of the "Through The Phone" video of almost 20K in a week. Following the growth of that single, he double backs with his next visual, "Tony Hawk". The grind enthused video shows how much effort Banks puts into his material from working out nice looking females at your local gym to slapping Trump imposters. The video's humorous approach makes it light-hearted and not too hard to follow, which honestly creates a winning recipe.   

Watch the video below.