Rizzoo Rizoo and Voochie P drippin' loads of flavor in "Sauce Aint Free"

Rizzo Rizzoo Sauce Aint Free.gif

Written by Greg Harris 

Since the end of this fall, Houston based rapper and Flava God, Rizzoo Rizzoo hasn't taken his foot off the gas pedal with premiering new visuals and singles for the past two months. Coming off the heels of his quickly buzzing video, "Catch Up" featuring the Texas native counting money and stunting in front of a Supreme labeled Bentley, he pushes the envelope even more with his Vier Films directed visual, "Sauce Ain't Free" featuring Voochie P. 

Two of the youngest stars of the emerging and saucy H-Town collective, The Sauce Factory, Rizzoo and Voochie P are laced in the Ian Connor approved Houston based brand, 6etrayal and the Highsnobiety credited label, Richard and Grace at their New Year's Eve pop up shop in Houston. Vier Films captures the essence and spirit of the younger generation of Houston in the pop-up and delivers mind-boggling after effects to engage watchers for the high levels of sauce that are coming through the screen. As it may be the start of the new year, "Sauce Ain't Free" is a rallying call of Rizzoo Rizzoo's to make it known he's coming for the top spot in 2018.

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