Mir Fontane’s Camden is a fresh emotional take on the NJ City

Written By Daniel Haynes

MLM Rating 4.0 stars out of 5

Hailing from Camden, N.J is Mir Fontane one of the brightest stars on 300 Entertainment’s roster. The 24-year-old dropped one of the hottest albums of June titled after his hometown “Camden”.  The project is filled with gritty punchlines, raw emotion and complex sounds mixed in between the melodies of hard hitting baselines as Fontane tells untold stories of Camden. 

The 12-track project runs for just 33 minutes but offers as real and as down to earth a feel that it can.  It chronicles different stories spread out across a trap feel.  From the project’s intro, listeners get their first trip into Fontane’s world with a skit which features two women on a phone call before one of them gets gunned down with the other on the phone. All this while the hook “You said you riding, you a straight liar” plays in the background. It’s raw, and it’s a shocking start to the album. The hooks cease and fade into the second track, “This Life”. 

Definitely one of the more upbeat sounds of the project it’s easy to forget that the song repeats its hook “This life ain’t for everybody” as Fontane tells a part of his story over a more upbeat baseline. As “This Life” ends the hard trap beat creeps in with “Still in the Hood” where Fontane stunts for two minutes.  

Following up those two is a song considered the best on the album in “Frank Ocean” where Montane addresses so called fans, and supporters who don’t share his music but claim they support him. He raps: “Lately I been wonderin' why you don't play my shit, claim you been a fan since I got beats from Soundclick, but every time I see you, you play Drake's old shit, J. Cole shit, Frank Ocean.” 

The album does not mellow down and keeps up its story telling feel with in-depth lyrics over free-flowing instrumentation. Other tracks that show Fontane's consistency on the album and his savviness are “$horty $tory, Real N****Z, Cold and personal favorite “Down by the River”. Fontane is definitely one to be looked at and fans will not be disappointed with this album. 

Listen to his album below