Nate Dae rolls his own tides on his project, “California PSA” 

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Stars // 3.8 out of 5 Stars

The California artist infrastructure is something to watch for with the likes of Vince Staples making a place for himself in the industry, Kendrick Lamar cementing his spot in music history, and Thundercat becoming a vital force for the expansion of jazz and soul psychedelic sounds. Aside from the majors who have established their vibes to the masses, Nate Dae comes out the midst to present an honest ballad that focuses on the feels and vibrations of life. 

As it may be a simplistic art form he presents at first, but he creates living room jams that one can play while they’re cleaning. It’s a soulful invitation of what Dae feels on 10 tracks and shows what potential he has an artist to develop an even more polished sound, but this being an introductory project that brings me into the "Art of Dae”it’s more than solid. From singles such as “Little Bit” to “Ride 4 U” to “Slow Joint” to “Balance”, you hear the reoccurring topics of love, life, and self-liberation in a pure form that’s matched with serene instrumentation to match it. It’s a must listen for your chill playlist this year and he’s definitely an artist to keep a close eye for this year. 

Listen Here.