Future smashes the gas and shows why he's in rare form on his self-titled album 

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Stars: 4.5 out of 5 stars

For starters, it’s easy to say that Future Hendrix has had one of hell of a year with platinum singles with assisted verses on 21 Savage’s “X” and The Weeknd’s “LowLife”. Also, he made his mark in hip hop history with Drake on their “Summer ’16” tour becoming the highest grossing hip-hop tour in history, and he continued to shatter the industry with his self-titled album. Getting back to his roots, Future chooses not to have any features for this compilation and gives him the direction to spill out his war stories of honesty and transparency. As this may be a ballad of where he’s at in his life, but it also shows his invincibility in the industry. It’s the audio transformation from Super Future to Rockstar Future, seeing him go from being one of the next stars to break the sector to being vocally untouchable in his right. 


Enjoy the project below.